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We pride ourselves on our interactive approach to private tutoring and consultancy services. We believe that it is essential that students develop critical thinking skills and believe in the value of productive discussion with students to hone their understanding of legal cases and reasoning. Through this method, we develop students’ critical thinking and lateral thinking skills so that they can themselves deliver excellence in their daily life.


We work together with our clients to understand what they need and how we can deliver value to them. Birmingham Law Tutor is happy to customise services and quotations to clients based on their unique needs. In addition, we use goal-oriented learning in our tuition sessions. We also aspire to give students analytical assignments and discussion questions to assess their learning over time.


Birmingham Law Tutors strongly believes in the idea that simplicity is elegance, and that legal concepts should be accessible to all. Our tutors and providers have the ability to break down the most complex legal concepts into bite-sized morsels for clients to enhance their understanding. In addition, we push the boundaries of learning and encourage our students to go above and beyond by thinking deeply about the rationale behind different legal rules and precedents. This enables our clients to excel even given unorthodox examination questions and assignments due to their strong foundation in the subject.


We are based in Birmingham and London and have access to a network of over 3000 physical sites where students and teachers can fraternise. Alternatively, we are readily adaptable to the needs of our clients and changing social mores, and are happy to arrange technology-enabled distance lessons between clients and teachers residing in different jurisdictions. The overall aim of our platform is to provide a world-class matching service such that no client will be disenfranchised due to technological barriers or geographical barriers.

Online Law Tutoring Services

In line with our professional goals, we deliver our classes through a variety of market leading software. We work with students individually to best cater to their needs and preferences. For instance, certain software applications may not be available in some jurisdictions, but we are happy to discuss how our tutors can adapt to such situations to deliver lessons via alternative platforms. We are especially cognisant of the importance of flexibility and technology-enabled expertise in a post-Covid world and constantly expand the technology offerings we leverage.

In addition, we work with students who are enrolled in distance learning programmes to understand how we can suit their unique circumstances. Our experienced tutors are of a high calibre and can modify their teaching styles to suit specific syllabus requirements.
Our expertise carries across undergraduate to graduate studies and rest assured that our services are top notch.

Education and Career Consultancy

We offer comprehensive and customised consultancy services for students and professionals who are looking to make the next big leap in their life.
For students, we would be delighted to accompany you on your journey of personal growth and learning. We can step in at any and all stages of your educational journey, but prefer to start early. We provide customised assessments of students to assess their strengths and weaknesses, and provide recommendations on applications to higher education institutions. Our services also include proofreading, managing, and editing application essays for applications for schools in the UK and abroad, such as in the US, Canada, and Australia.

We believe that education does not stop at formal schooling, and therefore complement our education consultancy services with career consultancy services for students and professionals looking for their next opportunity. This can be an especially challenging time and we can provide close guidance at every stage of the career application and interview stage. 


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